Helping my folks move


This time the delays between posts haven’t really been my fault – we had some server issues during the week… but all is good now (or at least I hope it is).

A couple of weekends ago I helped my folks move house – this was a fairly unique experience for them considering they had lived in the old family home for over 40 years. I generally hate moving (as I think most people do) because it means I’m forced to go through old junk and decide what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of. As always the stuff disposed of is needed a few weeks after the move and the stuff I kept sits in a box for the next 4 years without ever being touched again (until my next move after I discarded it and find I need it again).

Then there’s the physical aspects of moving – lots of lifting and trying to squeeze objects through doorways that are always just that little bit too narrow or not quite high enough. I think that architects and draftsmen must get great enjoyment out of calculating just the right place to put the walls and obstructions preventing you from turning adequately to get that big piece of furniture inside.

Luckily my parents had hired Mini Movers to do all the heavy stuff, so we just had to move all the smaller items, so if you disregard the general frustrations of moving, things went really well.


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