Four Things…


This was emailed to me a while ago and I thought I’d share my answers on the blog instead of spamming everyone with a silly chain email.

Here’s Four things about me that you may or may not have known in no particular order.

Four jobs I have had in my life.

1. Salesman at Dick Smith Electronics
2. Worked at the Brisbane Convention Centre doing things like being a barman for various functions, selling hotdogs and icecreams at Bullets Basketball games, setting-up stalls for expos and a dozen other duties involved with hospitality
3. Salesman for Myer (in both Home Office and Music departments)
4. Helpdesk support for an ISP

Four movies I would watch over and over.

1. Hero (Ying Xiong)
2. Sin City
3. Donnie Darko
4. Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind / Evil Dead / Swingers / Clerks / Fight Club… the list goes on and on… there are just too many great movies and plenty more cult classics that I’d love to add

Four places I have lived

1. Spring Hill (Brisbane)
2. Red Hill (Brisbane)
3. Bulimba (Brisbane)
4. Booval (Ipswich)

Four TV shows I watch

1. House
2. My name is earl
3. Underbelly
4. Dexter / Burn Notice / Chuck / Arrested Development / Scrubbs … I’ll watch pretty-much anything really

Four places I have been

1 Switzerland
2. Italy
3. Singapore
4. Melbourne / Sydney / Adelaide / Cairns

Four People who e-mail me (regularly)

1. Kristy
2. Chris & Talita Kindermann
3. All my clients
4. Twitter (with notifications of new followers… don’t ask me why)

Four of my favorite foods

1. Steak
2 Indian
3. Italian
4. Sushi

Four places I would like to be right now

1. In bed
2. Having drinks with close friends
3. At a family get-together
4. In a pub playing trivia

Four family or friends I think will respond

1. I’m expecting a comment from Con
2. Maybe a comment from Mick
3. Perhaps something from Meg, Ben or Joe, or even Ann (if she still reads this, but I don’t think she does)
4. Can’t think of anyone else who actually reads this rubbish I write… but feel free to leave a comment if you are reading this and want me to mention you in a future post 🙂

Four things I am looking forward to this year.

1. Going overseas to see Con, Gerard and Chris
2. Growing my web hosting business
3. Growing my search engine optimisation business and skills
4. Spending more time with Kristy and Caleb


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  1. i don’t read this rubbish so i’m not sure why you would expect a comment from me 😉

    if you started living up to your domain name and posting some less “14 y.o. girl” friendly seo articles, i’d be all ears!

  2. Well said Joe… I have been fairly slack lately, but I do believe that (although quite small) the 14 y.o. girl demographic has been completely overlooked by all other SEOs so I’m really filling a much needed hole…

    Hopefully by just making a completely inappropriate reference to filling 14 y.o.girls holes, I’ll be able to maintain justification to the title Dodgy Pete

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