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Was emailed a site that is a bit wrong, but at the same time incredibly funny. It’s called F*** My Life and is a social media site where you can publish a one-liner about how F*cked your life is and then other’s vote if they agree that your life truly is F*cked.

To give you some examples, here are a few of my favorites I read today:

Today, I received an email from my boss telling me how appreciated I was and how valuable I am to the company. I wish I hadn’t scrolled down to read the included conversation where he asked his boss whether to lie to me about how good I was or not. FML

Today, I tried buying a video game that was rated “M – for mature”. The Cashier told me “you have to be 17 to buy this game”. I didn’t have any ID on me. I’m 25. FML

Today, I was looking at this site when my wife called to ask what I was doing, I told her I was looking at a website called F*** My Life and she hung up. I called her back and got yelled at because she thought I was using a website called F*** My Wife. FML

There were a lot of other funny ones and as I was reading through the list (and remembering how I arrived there in the first place), I came-up with a FML of my own:

“My friend forwarded me a link to fmylife.com… Is this her polite way of trying to tell me my life is f*cked? Then I started reading through some of the entries and found 2 on the FIRST page that applied directly to me. Perhaps she’s right. FML”


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