Dave’s Visit


David and his wife Anna came around for a visit today – they are currently on holidays and were in the neighborhood so thought it would be nice to drop by.

I always feel a bit guilty when friends drop by or call just out-of-the-blue as I know I really should be a lot more pro-active and contact them first, but I’m always really busy and whenever I do think about contacting them, something always crops-up – but this shouldn’t be an excuse – I really need to stop being so lazy!

Anyways… Dave and Anna dropped by and we discussed work, their recent ski trip and how the body works – with a bulk of the conversation centred around the brain and neural activity.

Anna pointed-out that they always enjoy talking with me as we usually have very interesting, quirky and often bizarre (in a good way) conversations when we catch-up.

I think this is because I have no concern over what Dave will think if I ask him (for example) if medically speaking, there’s any remote possibility to manually etch skills into ones brain so that someone who has never touched a musical instrument can suddenly wake-up and play the piano (Matrix style). I understand that currently the technology and knowledge required to do this doesn’t exist, so it wouldn’t be physically possible… but in theory, could it work?

These are the types of theoretical conversations are always a lot of fun and I love having them – I recently discussed with Kristy my action plan if the world was ever taken-over by undead zombies or an on-going favourite of mine is what powers you would chose if you could be a super hero.

So if anyone wants to get into a weird conversation – I’m your man! Just don’t lock me up for being crazy until I get a bit older please 🙂


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