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Found a cool T-Shirt site today – Glennz Tees.

Up until now, my tee collection is primarily made-up of Threadless designs. Threadless are an awesome online Tee place where users can submit their own designs and if the community votes for them, they go to print and you can then buy them. As it turns-out, the guy from Glennz has had a bunch of his designs printed by Threadless, so he thought, why don’t I just start my own store.

He gained some assistance from the guys at Despair Inc which is another brilliant online company. Many of you will be familiar with the motivational posters – the ones with a picture of some puppies or a sunset surrounded by a big thick black border with a motivational quote written underneath?… well Despair were the first place to switch that around and create de-motivational posters. This concept grew virally and now every couple of weeks I get some funny motivational-styled images emailed to me.

So to cut a long story short (very unlike me) this guy (Glenn from New Zealand) started his own online store, with the design quality you’ll find on other leading T-shops such as Threadless by teaming-up with another brilliant online business concept Despair and is now selling some awesome T-shirt designs, so check him out and buy some shirts… I know I’m going to!


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