For those of you who don’t know Glen and are wondering why he’s screwing a sheep (well he’s a Kiwi, so that part should at least be obvious)… anyways…

A few years ago when I was working at GIL, I thought it would be funny to play a prank on my supervisor-at-the-time (Cameron). He left his computer unlocked when he left his desk, which gave me a window of opportunity to send an email from his computer to all the staff saying that he was gay. This created much hilarity at the time for everyone (other than Cameron)… anyways, Sorry Cameron for saying you were gay – since then we’ve established that he’s one of the least-gay people I know…. Now my mate Con on the other hand, is one of the most-gay people I know.

So since I played this “gay” prank on Cameron, there must have been some unsettled “gay karma” lurking around the universe waiting to get me – which my good friend Glen decided to take advantage of.

Glen has root access to the server this blog is hosted on (which allows him to easily modify any page that’s on the server), and when he saw my Amazing Race post, I made the following comment:

Last week John and Scott were eliminated… and I was pleased to see them go too because John was incredibly gay which made him particularly annoying – please note, I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, I’ve lived with one for about a year, one of my favourite TV shows was Queer Eye and I’m constantly payed-out-on about being gay (which, for the record, I am not)… but some gay guys are just so unbearable it isn’t funny

He edited the last sentence to say:

…about being gay (which, for the record, I am…thats right…i like it up the batty)…

Since Glen usually isn’t very funny (probably because he’s a little “slow”), I have to give him full credit for the prank…. but I couldn’t just let it go without some form of retaliation… hence the post: Porno For Glen


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  1. First and foremost let me clarify that it is not my intention to degrade this blog into a gutter muck-slinging match. That being said let me also pointently observe that in some instances (particularly when dealing with Pete and his somewhat misguided perspective on the world) it is necessary to lower your standards in an ability to communicate with the uneducated heathen (the above mentioned Pete). This comment is particularly aimed at Pete’s ‘Homosexual’ stance – on 3 separate occasions Pete via this Blog has attached homosexual tendencies to 2 people and on a third occasion has profusely “shouted his heterosexuality to the wind” while making the clear point of not being homosexual himself…. hmmm sounds like someone is in denial and trying too hard to convince the world (or himself) otherwise. Kristy if you reading this sorry that you had to hear the truth from a blog but better now than in 20 years time when you find out about the “big dark secret”. Now as we live in an increasingly PC (politically correct) world ill also at this point both dispel the Pete branded “gay” tag that he gave me as well as saying that I also have no problem with other people’s sexual orientation – just a problem with big dumb lugs who sling (like muck) the term around willy nilly. Well that about wraps it up on what I wanted to say – the intention of this comment was to put ol’ Mr Pete in his place with some witty banter – however I fear that I know Pete a little better than that and before long this Blog will indeed turn into a Gutter Muck-Slinging Arena”.

  2. Thank you Con for not turning my Blog into a “Gutter Muck-Slinging Arena” – your observations have been duly noted… by the way, there is no such word as “pointently” – I think you mean pointedly, but I appreciate your effort to use the “Queen’s English”… now go have a scone and make yourself a cup-of-tea

  3. Well how can one argue with that – BTW tea and scones rock! – But still not up on the same pedestal as beer and pretzels!

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