October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Now I’m usually always aware of Breasts, Boobs, Tits, Jugs, Rack, Jubblies, Knockers, Fun Bags, Hooters or any other term you can think of that relates to a woman’s cleavage… but what I wasn’t aware of was that Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer among Australian women.

Did you know that one in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85 and in 2004 a total of 2,641 women died from breast cancer and that was just in Australia!

I also thought that breast cancer was something that only happened to older women, but 25% of breast cancer cases apply to women under the age of 50 and what knocked my socks off is the knowledge that men can also suffer from breast cancer. It’s not as common as in women, but one in 763 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85.

And here I was thinking that the only times my man-boobs needed to worry was when I’d contemplate going for a job, but now they quiver with a whole new awareness of terror (actually no, I think that jiggle was caused when I got-up too quickly). But you get the idea.

So in an effort to raise money and awareness, the Cancer Council has started something called The Girls Night In. The idea behind it is that instead of going out and spending money on drinks, cab fare, cover-charges etc. girls could get together for a ‘night in’ and donate the money saved to the Cancer Council.

Vicky is having such an evening and I’d like to help her promote the cause because she’s a good friend, an avid follower of this blog (even if it is only because her work has blocked access to most other websites, so this is all she has to read when pretending to do work) and I too think it’s a very worth cause to donate to.

So if you have a few spare dollars, Click Here tomake a donation.

While the ladies are braiding each other’s hair, having pillow fights and bitching about us boys, I’ll be getting together with the guys for a B-Grade horror movie night which I’m really looking forward to. Scotty and I have been talking about doing this for a while and just never got around to it, so this will be the perfect excuse to watch dodgy horror and drink beer.

I’m also hoping that all the crass terms relating to breasts at the start of the post will attract a few more clicks on the blog in order to raise more money for the cause. So boys, if this applies to you, get your hands out of your pants and donate now!


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  1. Thanks Pete your help and support really means a lot.
    As for the different booby names my new favourite is Kanergan Blurgans (probably spelt very wrong) !!!

    As for telling the whole world I don’t work I don’t know whether I am concerned or I just don’t care either way if someone I know reads this blog I am possibly screwed. 🙂

    Thanks again

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