Best month EVER, but some disturbing findings


Well, although my posts have been a bit sporadic this month (and the posts I have made haven’t been amazing), the DodgyPete blog has generated more visits this month than ever before!

When I was having a look through my web stats, I discovered a few disturbing trends. Of the 500+ unique visits, 7 of those found my site by searching for “Naked Men” and 5 by searching for “Fart Sniffing”. Now these aren’t huge numbers, but I was still a little surprised that people found my blog by those search terms.

So I decided to go on a fact-finding mission to see how my site became indexed for such terms. I started searching the net for the terms above to see where my site ranked in the major search engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN… and after spending about 20 mins searching around, I realised that if anyone was to check my browser history, it probably wouldn’t paint a good picture due to all the “Naked Men” and “Fart Sniffing” search queries I’d done.

Despite all the ‘colourful’ sites I found… I fortunately didn’t find my site in the top 500 listings… so then I went through my blog to see if any of my content could have triggered such searches. Turns-out that the culprit was a post back in November last year – Men don’t want to look at naked men

So, now that’s all sorted I thought I should apologise to anyone who found my site by searching for naked men and ended-up here – you must be very disappointed.

If it’s any consolation – I’m sure everyone else who reads this blog is equally disappointed on a regular basis, but for very different reasons.


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