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Since I’ve been a fairly slack blogger lately, I thought I’d try something new and blog during otherwise unutilized time (like now – I’m on a train to another Australia Day party… so pease forgive spelling and gramatical errors).

Chances are this will probably be as successful as my last attempt to create some form of blogging enthusiasm (the 365 project)… Which didn’t even last a week… But I think it’s important to try new things regardless of the end-result.

So after the Christmas / New Years hype, it was back to work. The first week was a little less productive than usual since Con was still in town and we spent some time catching-up. Some of this time may have involved a few quiet drinks 🙂

The night before he left, we had dinner over at Con’s folks place. Con’s sister and her hubby joined us and it was great to catch-up with everyone. Growing-up, Con’s family were more like an extension of my own and I can’t believe how long it’s been since I saw them all.

The week that followed consisted of lots of boring (but far more productive) work stuff and outside of business hours we spent our time cleaning and tidying our house and yard in anticipation of our Annual Australia Day Party.

Despite our best efforts (and the genuine belief we were totally prepaired for the event) when the day rolled around we found ourselves running around like blue-arsed flies (not entirely sure if I got that idiom correct but felt it was essential to try and squeeze-in some form of Aussie coloquilism).

Even though it didn’t fall on the true Australia Day (since it was on a Tuesday and we wanted a day to recover before having to head back to work) we held it on the Saturday before it was a great day.

Highlights included the green and gold jelly shots that had to be consumed whenever Rolf Harris’ song “Tie me kangaroo down sport” came-up in the shuffle of Triple J Hottest 100 songs from the last 5 years; The slip n’ slide; everyone’s effort to dress in aussie attire.

With the lowlight being me getting rather drunk and thinking it’d be a good idea to demonstrate how flexible i was (although Vicky started it by doing high kicks and the splits)… Which we then followed-up with an undie-run around the yard.

Overall was an awesome day.

As stated at the start of this post, I’m currently on my way to another Aussie gathering that my old drinking and clubbing buddie Scott (who I recently was reaquainted with) invited me to.

In true Scott form, I don’t believe it’s actually his party but that’s never stopped him before. Furthermore, despite being my age (aka old) Scott has and probably always will be 18… So today should be interesting. I’ll try and do another update over the next few days to let you know how it went.


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