An unnecessary gathering of people called Peter!


I’m Pete… no I’m Pete… no I’M PETE… no I’m Pete… I’m Pete too… I’M PETE!

In 2004 some friends of a guy named Pete, bet him that he couldn’t get a bunch of other people called Peter to meet up with him at the same time in the same place. Inspired by the challenge and discovering that there have been gatherings of Marias in Spain and Mohammeds in Dubai, he decided to up the stakes & go for the world record.

Pete set up the website The Pete Collective to entrap our namesakes and get them to to meet me on 10th June 2006 in London & ‘Give Pete a chance’. He needs 2000 Pete’s on board, to meet me in one place, at the same time. What could be simpler.

To find out more about the challenge please click here

The Pete Collective - An unnecessary gathering of people called Pete!


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