Advertising irony


So I was just listening to the radio and an advertisement came on about Yellowpages online. The ad went on to say how good they are and how it can dramatically improve your business because of how many people use it.

Now if it was really all that popular and gets that much traffic – then they shouldn’t need to run radio ads to promote it.

Whilst we’re on the topic of promoting websites, I wanted to take this opportunity to mention that I have finally succumb to MySpace. I was chatting with Mel the other day and she was asking why I had a MySpace profile, but no MySpace page.

I initially setup a profile so I could view other peoples pics and other details which are not accessible to non-members, but had no real intention of setting-up a profile of my own because the network is really targeted at bands, 12 year old girls and skinny-jean wearing emo’s… but then after Mel hassling me and discovering that a few of Kristy’s friends at work also communicate via MySpace I figured, hey why not.

So now I have a dicky looking MySpace page… or as I like to refer to it as “PeteSpace” –


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