A dinner that didn’t happen


Last Friday night Kristy, Heidi and I decided to go out for dinner. At a previous networking event I went to, I was given a $20 voucher from one of the sales and marketing staff at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in the Valley, so we decided to take them up on the offer.

I have never been to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow before so didn’t really know what to expect, but I assumed that it would be something like the Pig and Whistle (which has a separate dinning area which is away from the beer garden). The voucher said to call ahead to make a reservation, so that was all good and we headed off into town for a nice meal and perhaps a few quiet beers.

Unfortunately everything from that point on went wrong – the staff had no idea it was even possible to reserve a table when we arrived, half the menu items weren’t available, then after ordering only one meal was prepared and the chef had no idea that there were supposed to be two other meals to go with it… then after about half-an-hour we enquired on the status of our other meals and found they had been cooked and were sitting in a ‘hot-box’ going dry and cold and the chef didn’t know why we weren’t notified that they were ready….

So eventually we asked for our money back, told them they could keep the voucher and their cold, dried-out meals and left.

The good news is that the following day I sent an email to the sales exec who gave me the voucher to let her know that the night was a complete debacle and she gave reasons/excuses for why all the issues occurred (and some of them seemed valid). She also offered free food for a whole table (up to 8 people) with personalised table service etc. if we wanted to give them another chance and go back for one of their Friday Lunch sittings. These are held in a separate conference/dining area and apparently are quite popular.

Given that my slightly rounded physique needs to be maintained and free food would certainly help achieve this, I think we might go back and use this opportunity to have an Ingenuity Christmas luncheon. Hopefully it won’t end-up being the schmozzle that we experienced on Friday night.


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