Valley Fiesta and Lawn Bowls


Last weekend only seems like a couple of days ago and yet it’s been a whole week… time has really been getting away from me lately.

Last weekend Kristy went over to Tangalooma with her Mum, her niece and Caleb. Her Mum, niece and Caleb stayed for the week whilst Kristy had to come back for work.

So whilst they were having a nice relaxing holiday, I had a home-based holiday of my own. It was awesome.

On Saturday I mainly caught-up on work which isn’t exciting, but unfortunately necessary… then on Saturday night I headed into town to catch-up with Mick and check-out the Valley Fiesta.

As it turned-out Mick and I didn’t end-up meeting-up, but I had an awesome night out. I spent most of the evening at the Press Club where I drank, sat in comfy couches and watched my own reality tv show of people interacting whilst intoxicated. Normally when you’re out, you’re busy chatting with friends, waiting to be served at the bar, lining-up for the toilets etc. so you often don’t notice all the happenings around you. It is truly a fascinating thing to observe.

As the night went-on I ended-up chatting with a few people but the highlight was being called in as an independent adjudicator to a debate between a girl ordering tequila shots and the bar tended (it was about who had the strongest accent… don’t ask me why). I sided with the girl and as fate would have it, I scored a tequila shot out of it. She then invited me to join her group of friends for more drinks and we all ended-up hanging-out for the rest of the night (which eventually took us from the Press Club to the Fringe Bar).

It turned-out being a much later night than I had anticipated, so I only had a few hours sleep before joining my parents for a charity lawn-bowls day on Sunday. Our team ended-up winning with some superb rolls made by both Mum and Dad, and on top of that we ended-up walking away with a meat tray (which became my dinner later that night after I had an afternoon snooze).

Also watched a couple of movies – 28 Weeks Later, which disappointed me. I really liked 28 days later and was hoping they wouldn’t stuff it… and although it was ok, it didn’t meet-up to my expectations. Fortunately Cashback which I watched after it was really enjoyable. It was quirky, funny and quite entertaining.

So that was my weekend. Hopefully it won’t take me a whole week to get around to blogging this coming weekend.


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