The Amazing Race


Was watching the Amazing Race lastnight and was pleased to see Lisa and Joni eliminated (mainly because they kept saying “woo” at every opportunity… eg.. “There’s a taxi… WOOO”…). This wasn’t so bad at first, but after two full episodes of “woo” I was ready to throw a brick at my TV.

Last week John and Scott were eliminated… and I was pleased to see them go too because John was incredibly gay which made him particularly annoying – please note, I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, I’ve lived with one for about a year, one of my favourite TV shows was Queer Eye and I’m constantly payed-out-on about being gay (which, for the record, I am…thats right…i like it up the batty)… but some gay guys are just so unbearable it isn’t funny

One last thing that annoys me is whenever an old couple participate in the race, they always have this attitude that simply by being older, they are naturally more intelligent than everyone else. Yet in each race, the oldies are the ones that miss obvious things, often have trouble with the physically demanding tasks (which they should have realised they’d struggle with since they’re so smart) and usually end-up doing a bunch of other things that doesn’t exude intelligence.

I hope the two oldies – Fran and Barry are the next to go, followed by Lake and Michelle. After that, I’ll be happy since I pretty-much like most of the other couples (well at least until they start displaying annoying traits).

Ok.. I’ve had my Amazing Race whinge for the day.


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