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Caught-up with a few DVD’s lately.

Biggest disappointment: Night Watch (or Nochnoi Dozor if you want to use it’s correct Russian title). I saw a preview for this at the cinema over a year ago and thought it looked awesome, however due to my poor memory, I forgot the title and hadn’t been able to find the movie ever since… until I saw it in my local Vid Shop’s newsletter last week.

This movie is the first in a trilogy and follows a similar storyline to Constantine, but instead of using heaven and hell, it focuses on the “Knights of Light” and the “Knights of Darkness”. The Knights of Darkness consist of vampires, witches and (although not in this movie) a whole bunch of other nasties. The Nights of Light so far appear to be humans and shape-changers, but once again, I’m sure there are others that we haven’t seen yet. These guys had been fighting for centuries and decided that neither side would win, so they made a truce, but to ensure that both sides stuck to the agreement, they setup the Nightwatch (good guys who keep an eye on the Knights of Darkness) and the Daywatch (bad guys who keep an eye on the Knights of Light).

This movie focuses on the Nightwatch and one of their missions to stop a vampire chick from killing a kid (who ends-up having special powers), whilst at the same time they are trying to stop some other chick from creating a “funnel” which I still don’t quite understand.

In theory the movie sounded pretty interesting, with cool effects and a pretty good soundtrack… but I had trouble following the story-line and missed some of the cool scenes because I was trying to read the subtitles. I think I’ll watch it again to see if it will make more sense, but otherwise, I’m a little disappointed in the movie. Let’s just hope the second in the trilogy ties-up some loose ends and is a bit better!

Also saw Four Brothers, which was a pretty good revenge movie with (Marky) Mark Wahlberg… four brother re-unite at the funeral of their mother who was shot by a couple of guys robbing a liquor store. As the brothers start digging around, they discover that their mother’s death wasn’t an accident – so they hunt down the person responsible.

Has a cool car chase in the snow, a nice twist and a fair amount of shooting.

Next I watched House of Wax which got some fairly bad reviews, but I rented it to see a trashy B-Grade horror, and that’s exactly what I got. It had a reasonable amount of gore, a scene where Paris Hilton runs away from a knife wielding maniac in her underwear and all the cast that were killed were executed because of their own stupidity.

In the end the bad guys get killed and two teens who survived live happily ever after… well they would have done if it wasn’t a horror, but since it was, just as they are driving off in the ambulance they discover that there was another brother to the two killers who will inevitably come after them if they decide to make a sequel.

Last movie I watched was Serenity and it was awesome. None of the sci-fi stuff was too over-the-top, there was a lot of witt and banter between the characters and all the special effects and CGI stuff looked very nice. Now I’m going to source some of the episodes of Firefly (the TV show the movie was based on).

Other than that, I’ve caught-up on a few more episodes of House, which almost brings me up-to-date with where they are in the US. House would easily be my favourite TV show that’s on-air at the moment.


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