Poseidon, Final Destination 3 and Two For The Money


Ok… I couldn’t think of a good way to tie those three names together to make a corny title for this post, but over the last week I watched the movies – Poseidon, Final Destination 3 and Two For The Money and I have to honestly say, all three of them were pretty good.

Poseidon was a remake of the old movie The Poseidon Adventure which I remember seeing when I was a lot younger… and although the two movies are very different (the old one focused more on drama whereas the remake, thanks to special effects etc. was a lot more action-packed) but despite the differences, I felt it was really well done and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Final Destination 3 was by far the pick of the bunch and the thing that makes the Final Destination Franchise so good is that they don’t change the formula – effectively it’s the same storyline for each of the three movies and if they make more, they shouldn’t change a thing! I know exactly what to expect from each movie, yet I’m always amazed at how the characters are massacred in varying and often quite original ways. It’s almost like watching a sporting match where you’re cheering your team-on knowing that they are about to make a touch-down… but instead of teams, I’m cheering for ‘death’ and every time he strikes it’s awesome.

Sure, that probably makes me sound a bit morbid, but I’m sure anyone who enjoys these movies knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Two for the money was a surprise… it’s got Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey and is basically about the business of sports gambling. We’ve walked past it on the shelf of our local vid store a few times but never bothered picking it up, but after watching it, I wish I had of grabbed it sooner. The only downside is that I was hoping for a twist at the end which didn’t happen… but otherwise, a pretty good flick.

The other thing that I’ve started watching on TV is a new show called Tripping Over which is an Australian/British co-production that follows the journey of 5 people who meet-up in Thailand on their travels (three from the UK heading over to Australian and 2 from Australia going to the UK)… only seen the first episode, but so far so good.


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