Nacho Libre, Firewall, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Inside Man


Recently watched the above movies…

Nacho Libre received a hammering from the critics and most of the reviewers on IMDB but I really liked it. Ok, I’ll admit that I have watched and enjoyed WWF (haven’t watched it in ages, and you really have to view it more like a sit-com than a sport… but that being said, it can be reasonably entertaining) plus I liked Napoleon Dynamite and this was done by the same director, so I expected something a little off-centre, and that’s what Nacho was, yet still very funny in parts.

Firewall was a typical computer / kidnapping / bank heist / action movie. Harrison Ford is definitely looking older and Firewall doesn’t bring anything new to the action genre, nor does it have any amazing plot twists… it’s just a standard action movie, but I was satisfied with it. One good point I have to make is that most computer movies add 3-D graphical interfaces or all sorts of crap to add a “Hollywood” touch to the computer scene – but in reality, we’re not that cool, computers aren’t that exciting and most *nix servers are black screens with scrolling white text… Firewall stays reasonably close to reality as far as the computer aspect goes.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend was funny, but not as funny as I was expecting. A great cast and I love the premise of the movie, but it just didn’t deliver what I felt the cast were capable of which is a pity because the movie could have been really good.

Inside Man was really good – a bank heist flick with very good dialogue and twists – done very well. This one would be the pick of this weeks movies!


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