Over the past week and a bit I’ve watched: The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, The Weather Man, Silent Hill, Little Man, Clerks II and Irreversible.

I found that from this selection of movies, I disagree with most of the comments made on IMDB. I’ll get the crap out of the way first – Irreversible was written-up as this great movie but I found all the elements completely unnecessary. It had pointless violence (which is fine if you’re watching an action movie but not a drama), lots of swearing (which is also fine when used for a purpose… like in every Tarentino flick)… the camera work was designed to be disorienting, but once again, far too much of it so that instead of being effective it was just annoying. Overall, pretty-much the whole movie took everything just that little too far and that made it suck severely.

Silent Hill was also crap – I didn’t expect anything amazing from it, yet someone it didn’t even get a blip on my expectation-less radar. It was actually boring – some flicks I don’t like but can appreciate something about the movie, but Silent Hill hasn’t given me anything good to say.

Ok… now onto the good stuff – The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada was really interesting. It was Tommy Lee Jones’ first foray into directing and writing and was done very well. It was about a ranch owner who made a promise to one of his Mexican ranch-hands who was shot by a border guard. So the ranch owner takes the border guard hostage, gets him to dig-up the body of the ranch-hand and they go on a journey to find the ranch-hands home town in Mexico to bury him properly. Ok, maybe my description doesn’t make it sound that entertaining, but it is.

The Weather Man fits into the mid-life-crisis category and although it isn’t quite as good as some of the other similar movies, it was enjoyable to watch. I used to dislike Nicholas Cage (not sure why… perhaps I just never liked any of the characters that he portrayed), but now I’m a big fan.

Little Man got one of the worst write-up’s I’ve read in ages… it’s actually in the bottom 250 movies of all time, but I found it pretty funny. I suppose that small things amuse small minds, so the little things like how ugly Wayans’ was as a baby (with those huge cheesy smiles) and all the ball busting scenes cracked me up.

But the winner goes to Clerks II – I love Kevin Smith movies so I was hoping that he wasn’t going to stuff this given the cult fanbase (of me included) that the original Clerks has built. And fortunately he didn’t! If you love Jay, Silent Bob, Dante and Randal (plus lots of cameos from previous Smith movies) you’ll enjoy Clerks II.


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  1. I finally watched “kenny” what a funny Mockumentary – my sort of humour…

    fave comment – “do think all the girls at virgin airlines are virgins?”

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