Over the past couple of weeks I’ve watched: Little Fish, Japanese Story, Luther, Hard Candy and Proof.

I’d have to say, overall, a bunch of really good movies. Little Fish and Japanese Story were both Australian flicks and (in my opinion) were excellent examples of how good Australian actors can act!

Luther was about a German monk who changed the political aspects of religion (and won).

Hard Candy was as disturbing (in parts) as it was powerful – this is a movie that I could really get into a lengthy conversation about society as a whole and how screwed-up it can be. In most flicks its quite easy to separate the “good” from the “bad”, or if not, you can at least identify with one of the characters and will side with them… but not with Hard Candy – I think that both parties were as psychologically messed-up as each other.

I like geeky stuff, so I find movies or tv shows that incorporate science or mathematical elements (like Numb3rs) really interesting. Even more than geeks, I find people who are insane great to observe… and Proof is a nice mix of maths and insanity twisted into a quirky drama with hints of romantic comedy.


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