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I haven’t done a post on movies in a while so there’s a fair bit to cover…

The Machinist – Christian Bale plays an industrial worker who hasn’t slept in a year and starts going nuts. Fairly dark, but interesting.

The Good German – This had a lot of potential… good actors and artistically shot in black and white to give it a ‘period piece’ feel, but I almost fell asleep watching it.

Smokin’ Aces – A fun, quirky, dark comedic mob movie staring a bunch of TV actors. A good ‘guys’ flick.

The Fountain – Tackles some of the more thought-provoking aspects of mortality, spirituality etc. in a beautifully spectacular way. It gets a little confusing in parts, but still very enjoyable.

Transformers – One word – Brilliant! Can’t wait for all the other Transformers movies that will follow.

Knocked Up – Really disappointed by this one… lots of people had given it rave reviews but I just didn’t find it all that funny. Sure there were a few good laughs, but it certainly isn’t the same level of humour that was seen in the director’s previous flick (40 Year Old Virgin) which I did find quite funny.

Hot Fuzz – Unlike Knocked Up, this was really funny. If you recall how they transformed Dawn of the Dead into Shaun of the Dead (which is brilliant if you haven’t seen it)… well Hot Fuzz is the transformation of Bad Boys applied to a sleeping English town.

The Last Kiss – Romantic comedy starring Zack Braff… not as humorous as Zack usually is though.

Kenny – Hilarious mockumentary about a guy who manages port-a-loo’s. Packed with Aussie colloquialisms and great one-liners… really really good.

Casino Royal – One of the best Bond films I’ve seen. It’s a prequel to all the other Bond flicks, so James isn’t quite as refined but he’s learning.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Didn’t like it… I became a Potter fan when the third movie came-out (which was what made me watch the first two movies and I ended-up being pleasantly surprised at how good they were). Since then I’ve really liked how Harry has been growing-up, but this movie seemed like that boring chapter of a book that you need to hold the story together, but doesn’t really bring anything amazing to the series.

The Simpsons Movie – Awesome… it was like watching 2 hours of the tv show (which was great because the tv show is really good and I thought they’d some-how stuff it up)… As long as they can keep a good script going there’s no reason why they shouldn’t make more Simpson’s movies.

Shooter – Action flick with Marky Mark… who I like, so it was fun to switch the brain off for a couple of hours and watch him run around and shoot people.

Running with Scissors – Based on the early years of Augusten Burroughs life… his upbringing was so dysfunctional it was scary, which made this movie incredibly off-beat yet funny at the same time.


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