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Caught-up on a few movies over the past week – Freedomland, The World’s Fastest Indian, The Ice Harvest, Bewitched and the TV show The Chaser’s War on Everything.

Freedomland was a police/kidnapping thriller with Samuel L Jackson and Julianne Moore… but the movie reminded me of my cooking – bland.

The World’s Fastest Indian was excellent – based on a true story about a guy from NZ who fulfills his life-long dream of racing his self-built motorcycle (a 1920’s Indian) at America’s salt lake during Speed Week. The guy sets a world record that is still held to this day, but far more importantly than any of that is the kindness, the optimism and the courage of the main character – Burt Munro. I think everyone should see this flick!

The Ice Harvest was a dark comedy with John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton and Oliver Platt (who is very funny even though he only plays a side-character). I didn’t know anything about the flick, but I liked the actors in it and thought I’d give it a shot and was really pleasantly surprised – Cusack and Thornton steal $2m and have to lay-low for the night before they can leave town with the cash… which ends-up being a lot harder than they thought. A very well done quirky black comedy that should have received a lot more recognition!

Bewitched wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be.

That’s the thing with expectations… if you think something is going to be atrocious and it ends-up not being that bad, the flick actually comes across as sounding pretty good. Likewise if you think something is going to be great and it doesn’t quite get there – instantly the movie is crap (when in actual fact the good movie that was crap was probably far better than the crap movie that was good). Stupid expectations.

Finally the Chaser’s War on Everything – a show on the ABC where 5 guys make fun of current events, politicians, mega conglomerates, the government and anything else they think deserves it. I was talking about buying the first season for a couple of weeks and then one day last week Kristy came home and said she had bought it for me. Since then I’ve been working my way through the episodes… some really funny shit!


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