Match Point, Derailed and The Pink Panther


Last week we watched Match Point, Derailed and The Pink Panther.

Match Point is a Woody Allan movie, and from what I read, you either love his movies or hate them. I haven’t seen many of his films, but I’d have to say I fall into the “Hate Them” category. I don’t know whether it was the pompous upper class English characters, the overall lack of depth any of the characters had or the piss-weak twist, but overall, it was pretty shoddy. I like to try and give most movies the benefit of the doubt and even if I don’t like the acting, or characters or storyline, I try and find something good to say… but unfortunately with this movie I’ve got nothing.

Derailed was much better… a movie where Clive Owen does what he does best – gets pissed off and kills people in a calm and controlled manner. The thing I like about Clive Owen movies is that he comes across as an “everyday type of person” who you can often empathise with subsequently making his violent actions seem totally justified. Keep up the good work Clive 🙂

Caleb wanted to get The Pink Panther and to my surprise it was actually really funny. Perhaps I enjoyed it because I wasn’t expecting too much out of it, or because I haven’t seen the original with Peter Sellers, but regardless, the visual gags are executed quite well and I chuckled my way through the movie.


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