Lotsa Movies


Ok… over the past few weeks I’ve seen:

Step-up – A dancing movie where a street kid learns how to dance… was entertaining, but nothing new or amazing.

Crank – Now this was far more entertaining… Jason Statham is a hitman who gets poisoned with a substance that will kill him if his heart-rate drops. This causes him to consume huge amounts of caffeine and other drugs, plus doing crazy stuff to keep his adrenaline high whilst he runs around trying to find the guy who poisoned him and kill him. The movie is wrong on sooo many levels but this just adds to the entertainment value… certainly not a classy movie, but damn good!

A Scanner Darkly – Interesting animated piece set in the not-too-distant future about an undercover cop who gets addicted to drugs whilst trying to bust the overall supplier of the substance. Probably one of the more thought provoking and interesting animated dramas that I’ve seen in ages… definitely deserves “cult” status.

Renaissance – Whilst on the topic of animated pics, Renaissance featured some great artwork, but didn’t quite have the story-line or script to back it up.

The Benchwarmers – I didn’t expect much from this but ended-up being pleasantly surprised and it got me laughing in parts… don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed.

Brick – A really well done quirky teen detective story where a guy tries to find the killer of his ex-girlfriend. Whilst doing this he ends-up playing two rival gangs against each other. It’s rare to see a movie with no big-name actors yet have such a tight script and excellent direction – I didn’t expect much from this but came away amazingly impressed.

The Chumscrubber – Equally quirky dark comedy about dysfunctional families and misguided youth in suburbia. Accurately described as “Desperate Housewives meets Donnie Darko”

United 93 – On September 11 four planes were hijacked with three of them reaching their targets. This was the story of the fourth plane. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good movie and I can appreciate how the incident affected so many Americans (as well as the rest of the world)… but the movie is described as “Gutwrenching, Powerful and Respectful”… the cover of the DVD has quotes saying things like it’s one of the best films ever made… sure it was good, but c’mon.

Rocky 1-5 – In prep for the new Rocky movie coming-out soon we decided to watch the 5 original films from the start. Even though the underlying theme of each flick is basically Rocky building-up to a big unwinnable fight and then winning… the subplots and character development in each film is done well and you can’t help but like Rocky as a character – he really is the peoples champion!

Grizzly Man – This was a doco about a guy named Timothy Treadwell who was a grizzly bear fanatic who ended-up getting killed on one of his expeditions to protect the bears. This doco really hurt my head – the whole time I kept thinking – this guy can’t be serious. The total lack of logic and common sense this guy had (or didn’t have) could easily have made this film seem like a piss-take… but it was real. I’m just glad the bears got him before he could breed!


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