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Since I’ve been slack with my posts over the past few weeks, I’ve fallen behind on my movie reviews… so here’s what I’ve seen lately:

Man of the Year – A late-night talk show host / comedian decides to run for president as a joke and wins. If politics ever became as entertaining as this, I’d probably find myself a lot more interested.

Employee of the Month
– Two guys from a local supermarket (one being the traditional ass kisser and the other a guy with little care or ambition) go head-to-head to become the employee of the month to impress the new checkout chick. Nothing amazing, but it had me giggling throughout the movie.

Scoop – I haven’t seen many Woody Allen movies, but from the ones I have seen (Scoop being one of them) – they are atrocious. The acting always seems wooden (even from actors who are normally really good), the plot is slow moving, yet predictable and Woody’s attempts at being quirky and funny are simply annoying.

Eragon – Set in a time when Dragon’s have been made extinct and the country is ruled by an evil tyrant a young boy stumbles across what he beleives is a large precious stone but is actually the last remaining dragon egg. The kid becomes the last dragon rider and takes-on the evil dictator. For a kid’s adventure film it’s not bad and Caleb loved it but I thought it was a bit cheesy in parts.

Curse of the Golden Flower – Yimou Zhang, the director who gave us Hero and House of Flying Daggers (both excellent flicks with Hero being in my top 20 movies of all time), he doesn’t quite deliver with Curse of the Golden Flower. The use of colour was massively overdone (almost had to wear sunglasses with how bright everyone’s outfits were), the characters seemed a little two dimensional, the story progressed very slowly and the fight scenes were mediocre. I’m sure that my opinions are biased due to how much I have liked his previous films, but overall, this one just didn’t cut it.

Idiocracy – An army officer is cryogenically frozen as part of a secret project only to be forgotten about and wakes-up 500 years later to find the worlds intellect has diminished substantially and he’s now the smartest guy alive. Before I go on, I want to point-out that this movie is stupid and very B-grade comedy and I absolutely loved it. Scarily enough, I can see how a world like this could happen… very scary.

Stranger Than Fiction – One of the better flicks I’ve seen recently. An auditor starts noticing that his mundane life is being narrated by a voice that only he can hear. The bad news for the main character – Harold Crick, is that the narrator has decided that it’s time for Harold to die and he doesn’t want to. He seeks the advice of a book critic to help determine the style of narrating to find who the author of his own personal book is so he can contact her and ask her not to kill him. Ok, I know it sounds strange, but it’s a really interesting and very quirky movie which is done really well.

School for Scoundrels – A loser enrols in a class to turn him from dud to stud, but the teacher finds this particular loser to be good competition so the battle begins between student and teacher to win the heart of the loser’s hot next door neighbour. A little predictable, but done quite well making it very funny and very entertaining.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday – A two hour Mr Bean episode. Caleb saw the previews for this and thought it looked funny so we took him to see it. He loved it and Kristy and I found it funny in parts, but as I said above, it’s basically just a long Mr Bean episode, so if you like his stuff you’ll probably like this, if not, then don’t waste your money.

The Queen – I found this to be an incredible insight (and more like a documentary than a movie) into a world of British politics that I knew nothing of. I think this is an excellent film showing a side of the Queen that probably has never been seen before making her actually seem like a real person. This could seem quite naive to anyone in the UK, but as an Australian the Queen really doesn’t play a huge role in any of our lives despite the fact that we’re all part of the same monarchy.

300 – Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. and what an excellent flick. Lots of fighting, blood and gore right from the start, but done rather artistically and in my opinion very impressive. The use of CGI was great, but not overdone, the fight scenes were well choreographed but still looked like fighting (not dancing as in some flicks) and the Spartans fought hard right to the very end. An excellent boys movie!


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