Just Friends, The Producers & Hostel


Over the weekend we watched Just Friends, The Producers and Hostel.

I was amazed at how funny Just Friends was – there were parts of the movie I was literally in tears… I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard! I’m not going to spoil it, but watch-out for all the scenes with Ryan Reynolds and his on-screen brother Chris Marquette – they are by far the funniest parts.

The Producers was also good, but since we watched it directly after Just Friends, a lot of the humour was lost 🙁 … it was like having a cup of coffee after eating chocolate – it’s like drinking hot water (or is that just me)? I shouldn’t even be comparing these two movies as The Producers is a musical comedy and the singing and dancing was quite entertaining (although I thought Uma lost her accent in some of the songs), but overall, it was pretty good.

Hostel was also good, but no where near as disturbing as I was expecting. When it first came-out I heard that it was one of the most shocking flicks made (rumour had it that someone needed psychiatric counselling after seeing it)… but it really wasn’t that bad. Sure it isn’t the type of thing I’d take my grandmother to see (or even my parents), but it wasn’t scary – just gross in parts, and no different from other gore movies like Saw.


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