It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed some movies…


When I haven’t been working lately, I’ve resorted to watching TV since it doesn’t take-up quite as much time as watching a full movie and as lame as it sounds, if I watch a few episodes of something in one sitting I come away with a certain sense of accomplishment.

So what have I been watching?

With the exception of Journeyman, I’m pretty-much up-to-date with all the above shows (with the writer’s strike in the US helping somewhat because most of the current seasons have finished prematurely). Also have a couple of seasons of Life On Mars which I’ll have to check-out as well.

But as the title of the post suggests, I haven’t completely stopped watching movies – I just haven’t written about them for a while… so here we go.

  • 88 Minutes – Nothing amazing… Al Pacino has to solve a murder in 88 minutes
  • Little Children – Interesting suburban relationship drama
  • Letters from Iwo Jima – With so many war movies being focused on the US, it’s great to see another side of the story
  • Music and Lyrics – Typical Hugh Grant romantic comedy
  • Sunshine – A sci-fi from the writer and director of Trainspotting, The Beach and 28 Days Later (to name but a few of their really great works) but Sunshine was really disappointing. Started-off really well, but lost it towards the end.
  • The Host – Fun Japanese Monster flick
  • We Are Marshal – Typical small-town US football move
  • Factory Girl – An interesting portrayal of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick (although from further research it appears that it may not be entirely accurate
  • Perfect Stranger – Good cast, but still a fairly predictable thriller
  • The Science of Sleep – Quirky French/Italian movie which is rather arty and visually hypnitoc
  • The Squid and the Whale – Tries a little too hard to be artistic causing it to be more awkward then entertaining
  • World Trade Centre – A good movie about a terrible tradgedy but the case of the DVD had quotes like “Best Movie Ever Made”… sure it was good, but I don’t think a movie should gain accolades purely because it’s on a topic people feel strongly about
  • Nothing – This was a comedy I found quite intreging and thought provoking… even though the movie itself wasn’t brilliant I loved the concept
  • Motorcycle Diaries – Probably the best movie on this whole list – Brilliant!
  • The Painted Veil – A slow moving, yet beautiful love story that takes place amidst a cholora epidemic in China
  • Sixty Six – Comedy about a boy who’s big barmitzvah ends-up coinciding with 1966 world cup. Although funny in parts, there was something lacking that didn’t quite get it across the line for me
  • Arthur and the Invisibles – Looked like a crap kids movie, but it actually wasn’t too bad
  • Ratatouille – Up there with some of the better computer animated kids movies
  • Bee Movie – Whilst I’m not a huge fan of Seinfeld, this wasn’t too bad

So that’s what I’ve been watching lately…

P.S. I’m sorry if my spelling sucks – I just tried running this through my Firefox spell checker plugin and it said there were too many ‘suspicious words’ and wouldn’t check it for me.


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  1. Hay, here are 3 good movies I recommend checking out if your looking for something;

    10 canoes : the best Aboriginal culture movie I have seen – great story and film style, def should see.

    Tsotsi – set in jo-burg south Africa – and in a basic sense is a story of a crim who happens across a child on a job – it is then a kind of self awakening story but all the same is really quite good.

    Angel-a – if you like Leon and Amelie you will like this – its in French (yes you will have to read the words if you don’t speak French) and is another from Luc Besson (director of Leon etc…) B&W, arty and cool – it kinda piggybacked its style from the other 2 movies in my opinion – The monolog from Amelie and some quotes/style from Leon which annoyed me a bit because it strayed from being a totally original piece. Even in light of this the bits that it did draw inspiration from are good concepts so it was still quite enjoyable and defiantly shows off Paris in all its black and white beauty.

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