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A few years ago some friends and I would participate in a pub trivia team. The nights were hosted by a guy named Harry and it was always a lot of fun (despite the fact that our team used to come close to last place each week).

Last week I was having dinner and I received an SMS from a friend telling me to flick the TV on because our old trivia host Harry was on Temptation (which is basically the revamped version of “Sale of the Century”).

It was a little weird because Harry is usually quite a loud extroverted type of guy who would wear Hawaiian shirts and had bleach blond hair, but on Temptation he was in a suit and was a lot quieter than usual.

He was on for a few nights and was doing pretty well until Friday night when he was controversially knocked-out in the “fast money” round. The female contestant that was losing throughout the evening decided she’d try and help the other guy by waiting till he was 2 questions in the lead then buzzing in quickly to stop anyone else answering the questions (even though she didn’t know the answers to any of them).

Although there is nothing in the rules that say that one contestant can’t decide to help another, I think that it’s unfair that Harry was knocked-out by someone trying to sabotage the show.

There’s a poll on the Temptation website asking viewers to vote if Harry should be reinstated… so if you think this was unfair click here to and place your vote:



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