Guess who took the long way round but ended-up in the lead whilst breaking-up the da Vinci Code


Ok… that title is a little dicky, but so is everything else I write – and amazingly people still seem to read it???

Anyways, to explain what the dicky title is all about, it is a montage of the movies and TV shows I’ve seen over the past few weeks:

Guess Who
The Long Way Round
Take The Lead
The Break-up
The Da Vinci Code

Guess Who was a lot funnier than I expected and was a flick about a black girl bringing a white guy home to meet her family and how they react to him (staring one of Con’s all-time favourite actors Ashton Kutcher).

The Long Way Round was an excellent documentary by Ewan McGregor who films his motorcycle journey from London to New York. One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen!

Take the Lead was a movie inspired by some guy who introduced ballroom dancing into the classrooms of American state schools. As far as dancing movies go, it was pretty good although I doubt the transition of street kids to ballroom dancers would have happened quite as smoothly as portrayed in the movie.

The Break-up was also pretty good – I love Vince Vaugn’s work so it’s no surprise I liked this one and the fights were very true-to-life… I’ve been in Vince’s shoes on a few occasions – c’mon guys, I’m sure you’ll all agree that no one ever “wants” to do dishes!

The Da Vinci Code was enjoyable, but I really fail to see how it caused as much controversy as it did… sure it mixed fact/speculation and fiction reasonably well, but a lot of movies do this. Despite a small amount of disappointment from me constantly waiting for something amazingly controversial to happen, it was still a really good movie.


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