Family Stone and Thumbsucker


This week I watched The Family Stone and Thumbsucker.

Neither of the movies were fantastic and although I liked some of the characters out of The Family Stone, I didn’t feel it really lived-up to the standards of other dysfunctional family / romantic comedies (despite an all-star cast) that I’ve seen. If you have a hankering for a movie of this genre, see Meet the Parents and/or Meet the Fockers – sure they don’t have the more sensitive moments that The Family Stone had, but it sure makes-up for it with laughs.

Thumbsucker is a flick about a teenager who still sucks his thumb. This also had a really good cast but the comedic aspects of the movie were a lot more subliminal and subtle. I normally like quirky movies, and I can’t put my finger on exactly what this one was missing, but it just didn’t quite do it for me.

Neither movie was bad, just not fantastic…


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