Failure to Launch and a History of Violence


On Friday night we rented Failure to Launch and a History of Violence – and I must say that both movies were really enjoyable.

I was expecting a typical romantic comedy with Failure to Launch – something that was humorous, but not have me laughing out loud… but it surprised me and was actually funnier than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no Oscar worthy performances here, just a fun silly, offbeat romantic comedy.

A History of Violence was excellent. The acting was superb as you see Tom (Viggo Mortensen) go from being a quiet and polite mannered person into a ruthless killing machine. The violence was very graphic, as were the sex scenes but both were essential in telling the story.

I have heard that the movie and the comic book (which the movie was inspired by / based on) had few similarities, but luckily I haven’t seen the comic, so I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Kristy and Heidi (who I watched the movie with) were both a little disappointed by the end, but I was suitably pleased – I won’t spoil it for anyone by saying anymore, other than – go see A History of Violence.


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