Venice and other observations


We’re just about to leave Venice and I have to say that this has been one of the highlights of our whole journey so far.

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities i’ve ever seen. It has a personality and charisma like no other. The streets are a maze which we got lost in (more than once) but each turn brings an enchanting new surprise that makes you forget the fact you are still no closer to your destintion.

The market areas are bustling but it’s not an uncomfortable clostrophobic experience navigating your way through people and the market owners are polite and let you decide instead of putting the ‘hard sell’ on you.

We booked our accomodation online and selectd an appartment instead of a hotel as it was cheaper due to the last minute booking website we used. Normally the place would have cost a little over 350 Euro a night but it only cost us about 70 Euro a night… and it was incdible.

The place looked like an Ikea showroom with funky modern furniture, a super comfy bed, awesome shower, air conditioning, a fully functioning kitchen stocked with all utensils needed to prepare gourmet meals… All of which is a God-sent after some of the crappier places we’ve stayed.

So with a sad sigh, we now leave Venice and head to Florence.

On other observations… The trollies at the train stations have a break which is pemanently on unless to press down on the trolley handle to release it. This took us a good 5 seconds to figure out, but while sitting her at the station I’m amazed at how few people have accomlished this. Two girls struggled for at least 5 minutes before taking their luggage off the cart and carrying it because they couldn’t work it.

As far as I’m concerned, travelling is a challenging experience and when things don’t go according to plan, you need some smarts and patience – if you can’t figure out how to use a trolley, you’re not going to handle all that international trave throws at you.

I also don’t think I’ve mentioned how long the days are over this side of the world. The sun usually goes down at 10pm and is back up again at 4am. This is good for sightseeing but also screws with your head.

They also have siesta’s and shops close at about 1 or 2pm and re-open at 3pm and then remain open til about 8pm. During the siesta period, the streets are dead except for tourists.

Pizza slices here are bigger than my head.

You can drink beer anywhere and the beers are bigger and cheaper than at home.

The late night TV and commercials in general are a lot more risque than ours.

Frsh produce has amazing rich flavours as does the ice cream and gelato’s. Last night I tried what I think is a common dessert – crepes with Nutella. Not as good as the icecream but still an experince.

That’s it for now. Will hopefully send through another update from Florence or at Rome where we’ll be heading after that.


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