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After travelling half-way around the world you’d hope I’d have a little more to show for it than just a patchy little beard that only an Amish man could be proud of… and I do…

It’s taken a lot longer to get these organised than I ever expected, but without any further ado, here are the photo’s from our trip (click on the links to view the corresponding gallery):

Before we went anywhere, we were In Transit

Then we arrived in London for a few days

After leaving the UK we headed down to Paris (which wasn’t a huge success the first time, but as we always try to make different mistakes… and sometimes we even learn a thing or two from them, things were much better the second-time round)

From Paris we trekked down to Milan

Then onto Venice (which was the highlight of our trip)

From there it was over to Florence

And now I’m buggered and need to go to sleep (even if it will only be for a few hours before my confused anatomical clock decides I should be awake again).

I will hopefully have the photos from Pisa (where I wish I had of worn my brown undies because I almost crapped myself), Rome, Vatican City and the cliffs of Dover tomorrow night.

Talking about ‘undies’ … did you know that the Brit’s refer to the traditional male undergarment simply as ‘pants’ instead of underpants, undies, dacks etc. So to avoid an awkward silence in a crowded pub, make sure you steer clear of comments like “nice pants” when one of your mates arrives wearing a new pair of trousers.

To make matters worse, the term ‘thong’ is used exclusively to describe a G-string and not the casual footwear that you or I may be familiar with… so to avoid an even more uncomfortable silence don’t ever say “It was far too hot for pants today so I decided to go out wearing thongs”.

Funnily enough, that seemingly harmless statement was made by one of our friends we were staying with and she still hasn’t quite lived it down amongst her British friends.


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