The Internet Cafe that saved the day


Over the past few days things havent quite gone according to plan and the one common denominator has been no planning = potentially crappy time.

Fortunately we have been able to turn each of these incidents to positive adventures, but we thought it was finally time we made some official plans. So here we are sitting in an internet cafe in Milan booking our accomodation for Venice and Florence. Since the bookings have been last minute, we have scored some good deals which is very exciting. Also, the room we stayed in last night was the best we have had the whole trip (other than Con & Gerards of course ;)).

When we arrived in Milan it was fairly quiet and no one we asked knew where our Hotel (Albergo) was (even a couple of cops that we asked) but a taxi driver managed to get us to our destination which was about 15 minutes from the station – thats the last time I trust anyone from France… sorry all you Frenchies, but we were not overly impressed with our brief time in Paris and no one was particularly helpful no matter how hard we tried to talk in French (although perhaps my gruff HAW HAW HAW laughs as I wandered around saying Croissant and Sacred Bleu probably didnt help).

But all is looking good now. We are about to check out the Duomo and then we will be off to Venice.


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  1. Hey Pete,
    Sounds like you guys are having heaps of fun! Can’t wait to see the photos!

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