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So glad we decided to do the day trip to Pisa as it was great.

On the train ride there we were entertained by a lady from Madrid who didn’t know much English but insisted on telling us about her travels and drama’s for most of the hour-and-a-half trip. Even though we only understood half of her stories, we did manage to decipher that a Roma Card is a good public transport cost-cutting measure when in Rome.

When we arrived, we walked from station to the tower. There is a bit of grafitti around the station and en route to the Leaning Tower, but there was still a very warm and pleasant aura about the place.

The Leaning Tower wasn’t as tall as I was expecting (at least when viewing from the ground) but once you start clmbing the stairs and walk out onto the first platform, it seems much higher.

The first landing is about half-way up the tower and is roughly a metre and a half wide with a temporary railing (not unlike what you would see at a music festival surrounding a mosh-pit… or what the council sometimes use to surround a manhole that they are working on). They prettied it up a bit, but effectively the temporary railing and a metre and a bit of marble were all that separated you from a 4 storey drop.

What made things even scarier was the fact that when walking around the tower, you really notice the lean and it feels as though you’re walking down a slight slope (which usually wouldn’t bother me if I were walking down a hill, but when you’re that high and there isn’t much between you and the birds, it’s pretty terrifying).

Since I find myself uncomfortable on a 3-foot step-ladder, I was shitting myself and couldn’t go any higher. Even though I didn’t reach the top I was still really pleased that I can say that I’ve stood on one of the biggest architecural cock-ups of all time. It was awesome.

Not long after reaching the bottom we jumped on a bus back to the station and came back to Florence.

Tomorrow we head off to Rome for 3 days then will most likely head back to Paris for a day before returning to the UK for the final days of our holiday.


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