Paris … Lets try this again


Let’s try this again… It looks like my previous post on Paris didn’t work, so here’s another try…

Arrived in Paris yesterday.

Had a little trouble getting our bearings (street signs are hard to understand and not simply due to the language differences).

From the small amount of Paris that we’ve seen, streets seem to be labeled on the sides of buildings instead of using sign posts. The sign posts seem to identify further destinations (ie. go down that road to get to such-and-such street). This may not apply everywhere, but it’s one small observation.

Another observation is smoking. EVERYONE smokes here. On the topic of observations, I think I forgot to mention an interesting Brittish observation… Everyone reads the paper. School kids to businss people – if your at a Tube stop, train station (trains that run underground are called the underground or tube. Trains that run above ground are called overlands or simply are referred to as ‘trains’) you’ll be hard pressed not to see someone without a newspaper in hand.

Anyways… Back to Paris.

We got lost trying to find a hostel, then after wandering around in Queensland temperatures for about an hour we finally found the place… and it was fully booked, so we wandered around a bit more before deciding it would be far easier phoning a few places mentioned in our Lonely Planet guide instead of wandering around any further.

As it turned-out, most places had no rooms available, so we walked into the first dodgy looking hotel we could find and luckily they had a room for us.

The room was small, very basic – bed, shower (which was a huge bonus) a small table and a window with a beautiful view of the back of the building in front of us. But it was still a room and it was on par with hostel prices and ample for our needs.

After settling-in we went for a walk down to the Moulin Rouge (through the red light district) and organised tickets to the 11pm show later that evening.

The show was spectacular spectacular and worth every cent.

Today we’ll check-out the other major sights like the Eiffel Tower etc. and then hopefully we’ll jump on a night train down to Nice.


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