On our way to Milan


In the last blog post earlier today we were planning on having a relaxing day of sightseeing around Paris and then catching the night train to Nice.
But that didn’t quite happen. We purchased the train tickets only to double-check them to discover it wasn’t the train trip we had planned. Turns-out the night train (which has sleeping booths and leaves about 11pm and arrives at your destination the following morning) was fully booked, so the guy had put us on the train departing a little earlier and would have arrived in Nice around midnight.
Since we have no accomodation organised in Nice, we would have been screwed because a lot of places don’t allow late check-in.
So we managed to get them to change the tickets to Milan instead.
This wasn’t our first preference, but it gets us closer to Florence, Vennice and Rome so that’s always a good thing. And what’s even better is that the train lady who helped us change the tickets hooked us up with some accomodation in Milan which is apparently nice and close to the station.
This only left us a couple of hours to see the major sites in Paris.
So we frantically planned a couple of metro train routes that should have encompassed a few of the things we wanted to see.
As it turns out, we got majorly lost and we didn’t see a thing. Luckily we’ll be heading back this way en route to the UK for our flight home, so if we’re more organised we should be able to make-up for lost time.
One good thing is that by wandering around lost, stuffing-up tickets and being forced to reorganise at the last minute, we’ve trully had a great taste of what France (and French people) are like.
When we get to Milan I think we’ll acually plan a few things ahead of time so we can avoid little mix-ups like this over the coming weeks.
Other than some of these little detours and diversions, we’re having a great time!


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  1. Hey Pete and Kristy !! Glad you guys are having a good time. Tell Kristy I am sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye before you guys left my grandfater passed away and by the time I remembered you guys were going it was Wednesday night and I had no idea what time you were leaving. So anyway can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.
    Have fun Vicky 🙂

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