Nearly there


Last night we travelled from Brunei to Dubai. Had a refueling stop so we had to deboard (or disboard or whatever the correct word is… As it stands, I’ve had a total of 5 or 6 hours sleep over the last two days… So I may not be as articulate as usual).

Hey, who am I trying to kid… I’m not articulate at the best of times.
Anyways… Dubai is a pretty crazy place. Even though we would have only spent about 30 mins in the airport terminal, it was more like being in a huge shiny shopping mall designed by David Bowie.

After getting back on the plane for another 7ish hours… We’re nearly in the UK. Just passed Budapest, the sun’s coming up and I’m chilling to Goldfapp’s latest album (which is quite different to her previous stuff… but still really good).

In about 2 hours… Who’s gonna be kick’in it in the UK? Everyone’s gonna say you k… (as you can clearly tell… I need some sleep).


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