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I can happily say that my body has finally caught-up with what’s going on… well, it had done until lastnight when we had a poker night with Skye and Scotty.

After a 6-pack of Italian beer, a couple of cigars and losing all my chips (because apparently a cheesy grin and an oversized novelty tinted green poker visor doesn’t help when trying to maintain a rock-solid poker face)… my well rested body is now once again fatigued. The good news is that unlike jetlag, this weariness is quickly rectified with a very healthy fry-up of greasy foods, a nice strong cup of coffee, a Berocca and copious amounts of water.

But enough about lastnight, lets get onto the topic of this post – the remaining photos from our trip (and my apologies for taking so long to get these online).

During the week, Optus had a huge outage that slowed things down a little. While we don’t use Optus for much, when a major telecommunications provider goes down (and it went down harder than a 600lb sumo wrestler slipping on a banana peel) it still usually affects a lot of other ISPs, web hosts and IT companies.

So add that to the already busy week of catching-up with everything, I didn’t have as much time to blog as I would have like.  But without any further ado, here are the rest of our pics.

The last post left us at Pisa where we spent a day before heading down to Rome.

We spent 3 days in Rome where we saw a lot of amazing buildings, monuments, churches, statues, sculptures, fountains (including Kristy’s favourite place in Rome – the Trevi Fountain) and even caught-up with the Pope at Vatican City.

After leaving Rome we went back up to Paris for a day (and a night) before proceeding to the port at Calais where we ferried it across to the white cliffs of Dover.  The total trip from Paris up to Calais, then from Dover down to London took a little longer than we expected, but it was really relaxing, quite scenic and something a bit different than a lot of the other overland travel we had spent the last couple of weeks doing.  Nothing amazing, but here’s a few pics of the Calais – Dover journey.

Then we spent the last few days back in the UK relaxing with friends… then it was time to come home.


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