Just when I thuoght everything was going to plan


At the moment we’re in Brunei.

There’s absolutely nothing here at the airport and we’re here for the next couple of hours.

When we arrived here I was pretty pleased that everything had seemed to go really smoothly… And that was when I discovered I had stuffed-up the dates.

Due to my own stupidity, I completely overlooked the fact that due to the time differences we arrive in the UK a day later than I had originally thought.

This means that two of my best mates have taken the day off work for nothing and one of the main reasons for the trip was to catch-up with them… and now we have a day less to do that.

I feel like crap.

When I fired-up the mobile I recieved a text from Con who has probably been wandering around the airport wondering where the hell we are.

Hopefully on the 18 hour flight to London I’ll think of a way to make this up to everyone.

I suppose things can only get better from here.


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