Most books, people and websites that talk about Florence go on about how beautiful the city is.

It is the home to one of some of the most noted pieces of artwork ever created and architecturally it can hold its own with structures such as the Duomo… but as far as a city goes, it doesn’t seem to have any charisma left.

In its day I’m certain it would have been a place of awe and inspiration, but now with the hustle-and-bustle; the commercialism; pretentios fashion and dreary, dirty, run-down facades of every other building that isn’t the Duomo… it has certainly been a let-down.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m so glad I’ve come here and experienced this first-hand, it’s simply not quite how I imagined it.

So instead of exloring Florence further, we’ve decided to do a day-trip to Pisa to see a building that should have fallen-over years ago.

Kristy isn’t too keen to climb the leaning tower… Not sure if it s because it’s currently over 4m off its original axis or the fact that to get to the top you have to climb something like 400 stairs. But if we can squeeze it in, I’ll definitely be going to the top (even though I am scared shitless of heights).


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