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A few months ago I started playing with StumbleUpon and since then I’ve managed to not only discover over 160 interesting websites (this is quite small compared to some), but I’ve also managed to build-up a network of like-minded search marketing friends who have assisted in promoting some of my own work and drive StumbleUpon traffic to some of my SEO blog posts.

Here’s some of the non-search related Stumbles that I particularly enjoyed:

Anyways… that’s enough about StumbleUpon… In my social media pursuits, I’ve now become addicted to the micro-blogging site: Twitter

Twitter is a site where you post short messages (140 characters or less) about what you’re doing. You can ‘follow’ the activities of other Twitter users, so you get to see what they are up to, and if you want, you can add your own comments or reply to what others have written.

So what’s the point?

Sometimes I find a cool site or discover something interesting that I want to share with others, but it really doesn’t justify a full blog post. This is where Twitter is ideal. I keep it running in the background and whenever I have something short and sweet that I want to share, it goes on there.

It’s also great for networking with other Social Media users. Many of the people I follow on Twitter are the owners of SEO blogs I read and it gives me chance to interact and get to know these people better.

So, if you aren’t as geeky as me, then you may not find it useful or even interesting… but otherwise, feel free to follow me on Twitter.


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