Starts geeky, gets romantic but somehow ends with Dawson & bacon


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve come across a bunch of stuff. Here’s a few things that I thought were pretty cool.

The first geeky thing is Leap Motion, which is basically a ‘Minority Report‘ styled, gesture interface peripheral. I’ve seen a couple of these in the past, but this one looks a lot more polished and appears to be surprisingly affordable. The only downside is I can’t see very many practical uses for it other than showing-off to geeky friends. Here’s a sneak-peak at how it works:

The next geeky thing was a new browser plug-in by Yahoo! called Axis. It seemed cool until I had a quick play and found it to be a bit clunkier than I was hoping, although despite this, it is very interesting that Yahoo! are bringing-out a new product after all this time. Since merging with Microsoft, the Yahoo! brand has been slowly fading and they’ve closed-off a bunch of services, although surely they wouldn’t be trying to do a reverse-Netscape (who went from being a web browser to a failed search portal)??

Anyways, if you can persevere with the overall wankiness of the guy in the video, the concept looks ok:

Next-up on the geek list was this cool lip dub showcasing a bunch of CosPlayers. I quite admire the amount of effort the cosplay community go to… plus, a lot of the female outfits are quite geeky-sexy. Check it out:

On the topic of lip dub videos, I’ll move onto the ‘romantic’ ones with Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal. This one has done the internet rounds and I’m sure you’ve probably already seen it, but it’s just done incredibly well:

Sadly, that Isaac guy has screwed us all. His amazingly romantic gesture has now made it near impossible for the rest of us guys to impress the ladies. Not unlike that guy from Dawson’s Creek… at least he’s trying to make-up for it now:

But if James Van der Beek can’t fix it, I spose the only thing left to do is… Rub some bacon on it:


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