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If you follow me on Twitter or are a friend of mine on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen a bunch of this stuff, but if not, here are a random selection of stuff I found on the Interwebz over the last week (or so) which I thought was either: cool; weird; interesting; funny; awesome… or simply just worth sharing.

The first share is an article that I thought was quite relevant in this crazy ‘social media’ word we live. There’s Facebook status updates, tweets, check-ins, pinning, tagging and a whole range of other social sharing that can sometimes feel intimidating, overwhelming and, at times, a bit disheartening. The article is titled: Is the internet making you sad? and encourages us to take these vulnerable or negative emotions and use them as inspirations to share something real.

While on the topic of sadness, I came across this existential French cat doesn’t want your cheeseburgers:

And to move-on from the sad stuff, but continue along the lines of Social Media, here’s a literal interpretation of Facebook and Twitter:

Now onto something a little more up-beat. Here’s two songs I want to share. The first was a big surprise as I didn’t think these guys still existed, but apparently they’re back (obviously it took them a while to walk 500 miles) with a new track with a cool video to go with it…

The next song is an awesome cover version of LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It. I love a good musical cover and especially when they are so uniquely different, like in this rendition. Enjoy:

Actually, let’s add a third song to the list, but this one is more educational and helps those who can’t understand the difference between “you’re” and “your”:

Now I know Mac Lethal has a bit of a potty-mouth and dropped a few ‘f-bombs’ in there, so if you found that offensive, it might be best not to click on the next few links. If, however, swearing makes you giggle (as it does me), then these two links will hopefully have you in tears.

This has been around for years and I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it, or more accurately, heard it, until now: Porn for the blind. Simply put, there are a bunch of literal, audio descriptions of porn sites.

Next, is an interestingly offensive tool to help you find places to go and it. It’s titled WHERE THE FUCK SHOULD I GO TO EAT? When you go there, please make sure you hover your mouse over each of the options as well.

In hindsight, perhaps those last few links should have been censored… like this geeky cool Censorship Towel.

In my last post I mentioned the TV show Parks and Recreation… well another show I’ve really started to like is Community. If you don’t watch the show, this probably won’t mean much to you, but here’s a cute 8-Bit interpretation of the characters:

If you didn’t like this post, then I’m genuinely and sincerely sorry. I’m so sorry in fact, that I want to write it in the sky, spell it out in rose petals and put it to music using this personalised apology song creator that I found on a Canadian tampon site (of all places).


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  1. Hay Pete,

    Good to see you are back blogging again – was too long between your random ramblings. On the theme of random finds I have always been a bit of a fan of the Old Spice and came across this and thought you would like http://devastatingexplosions.com/


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