I’m not fully sick, but sick sick


Over the last week I’ve had the flu. Nothing critical or serious, but, in my humble opinion, and bearing in mind that I am a man (despite what some of my friends may try and have you believe), I felt it was a particularly nasty case of the flu.

The thing that has really screwed with me throughout this very minor illness is that I generally don’t get sick. Well, other than that time I somehow misplaced most of my blood, but that was a whole other story. Usually, at the first sign of a sniffle, I start taking vitamins like they’re candy which produces two fairly specific results: 1). it usually squashes most viruses like a Sumo sitting on cheap lawn furniture and 2). my pee turns to a radioactive shade of orange as if someone tried to spray-tan an Umpa Lumpa. After one of these evacuations, the glow from my toilet bowl is like Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta opening the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

But the process seems to work and I’ve managed to dodge most minor viruses for years. Until now. And when you’re not used to being sick, it’s the little things like the aches and pains; the constant fluctuation in body temperature; the fact that everything appears to happen in slow motion; and the interrupted sleep from fits of coughing that just break my brain and I proceed to mentally shut-down.

The good news is that after a week of pills, vitamins, lozenges, sleep, tea and trying to do as little as possible – I’m all good again now.

Oh, one last thing, in case the title of this post doesn’t mean anything to you, you should check-out The Fully Sick Rapper. Basically, he was a guy from Sydney that was diagnosed with tuberculosis and started making a few funny vids from his quarantined hospital bed which ended-up going viral (no pun intended) and he ended-up raising a huge amount of awareness and donations for TB. He’s since used his unexpected internet fame for a few other things like the Bondi Hipsters, so if you’ve got a few mins, check-out the Van Vurrent Bro’s YouTube Channel.


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