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This-morning on my way to work I heard a song by an artist I hadn’t heard before… a French singer named SoKo.

She’s been making music (and movies) for the last few years and the song I heard (called “I’ll Kill Her”) has been around for a year or more, but it’s still new to me and I like it.  I downloaded her EP – ‘Not Sokute’ and the thing I love about it is that all her songs have an interesting honesty to them.

For instance, in “I’ll Kill Her” she’s basically going on about being stood-up on a date and how she’d like to kill the guy because he’s now dating someone else.  It sounds a bit morbid, but her cute little voice and laid-back acoustic guitar, plus the blatant honesty in the lyrics makes something that sounds terrible seem innocent and genuinely honest as I’m sure that was how she was feeling when writing the song.

Generally speaking, a typical love-song or break-up song is usually quite politically correct and while they display emotion, the lyrics aren’t really constructed in the same way that you would vocalise your emotions when speaking with your best friend.  SoKo’s music is refreshing in the fact that it comes across as being completely honest and it’s written in such a way that it seems she isn’t doing it to make money, it’s simply an emotional release.

Perhaps I’m reading into things too much and perhaps she’s marketed herself in such a way that seems honest but it’s all a ploy… who knows, but hey, her music is cute and interesting.

Here’s her song “I’ll Kill Her” and you can find her other stuff on her site or just do a YouTube search for SoKo.


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