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It’s funny how downloading music has evolved over the years.

A few years ago if you really liked a song, you’d find a decent copy of it and download it. Once everyone started getting broadband it was easier to download the artists whole album instead of trying to sift through all their songs to find the one you wanted.

Now it’s easier to download the artists whole discography if you aren’t sure what album had that track you wanted…

Anyways… even though downloading is second-nature to some, if you like the album or artist, you really should support them by going out and actually buying their music and not downloading it!

So… recently I’ve been listening to some older stuff… pulled-out a few of UK’s Radio 1 Essential Mixes from a couple of years ago and also dusted off my old Sneaker Pimps albums… very enjoyable

As for some of the more recent albums – I had a listen to Augie March’s album “Moo, you bloody choir”. There were a few good tracks, but it didn’t really grab my attention. Also, got Ministry’s “Clubbers Guide to Summer” and “Sessions 3”. Still haven’t listened to either of them properly yet (had them playing in the background whilst I’ve been working) but they seem good.


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