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Recently I got 4 new albums:

Ministry of Sound’s Clubber’s Guide to 2006 – a pretty good mix of dance music, but nothing amazing

Ministry of Sound’s Housexy Spring 2006 – didn’t do much for me… think I’ll get me a copy of the latest Funky House Sessions instead and see what that’s like

Gnarls Barkley’s St Elsewhere – Gnarl’s first track released from the album is “Crazy” and that pretty-much sums-up his musical stylings… ok, the guy isn’t as nuts as Tom Cruise, but his music is… if you mashed a little rap/hip-hop with some indie rock, dance, jazz/blues, some retro 70’s style funk, a little afro-american gospel and labelled it as “pop” you’d come close to how this album sounds… Usually I like artists that have a unique sound but unfortunately I’m a little disappointed in this album – perhaps I just need to listen to it a few more times

Jose Gonzalez Veneer – You might know this guy from his track that features in a Sony ad where there’s a gazillion colourful little balls bouncing down a hill… anyways, this album is better than the 3 above, although if you’re looking for a CD with some diversity, then don’t listen to Veneer… I almost had trouble identifying when one track finished and the next one began – they all sound so much alike, although luckily for Jose, I really like his relaxing guitar strumming, so I didn’t mind so much

Also, a little trivia on Gonzalez’s commercial with the balls… it was filmed in San Francisco and they actually used real balls (those little solid rubber ones that bounce like crazy when you throw one in a confined space)… basically just emptied a bunch of them down a hill and filmed it – amazingly only a couple of windows were broken during the filming.


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