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A few days ago I wrote a post on Music makes me remember and to be honest with you it wasn’t what I was originally going to write about…

I was going to talk about music and started to write an intro on the topic and managed to get a little carried away (which I also tend to do if you’re talking to me in person)… anyway… now that you know that I like music (and the fact that it makes me remember) I’ll get on with the post I meant to write a few days ago.

Because I like listing to new music, every few months I’ll decide to find a bunch of stuff I haven’t heard before. A few months ago I found myself listening to a bunch of Global Underground albums which weren’t too bad and a few days ago I listened to:

Dizzee Rascal – Maths and English
Digitalism – Idealism
Justice – Cross
Laurent Garnier – Retrospective 1994 – 2006
LCD Soundsystem – Sound Of Silver
Plain White Ts – Every Second Counts
Gatecrasher – Immortal – 14 Years Of Gatecrasher

Was I familiar with any of the stuff above… not really… I had heard of two or three of the groups above. When listening to some of the albums I found there were a few more tracks that I recognised… and some were completely new.

How did I come across this selection? I looked-up a few album charts for styles of music I like… looked on a few other music sites, read some reviews and then randomly selected some stuff that sounded a bit different.

I probably won’t ever listen to Dizzee Rascal again… I quite enjoyed Digitalism, Laurent Garnier and Plain White Ts. Justice needed a second-listen, and it wasn’t too bad the second-time round… I’ll do the same with LCD Soundsystem too because I was doing a bunch of stuff whilst listening to it last time and wasn’t really paying attention and Gatecrasher was exactly as expected.. nothing amazing, but still good to have in the collection.

So that’s my write-up of some random music.


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