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I really like music. If I’m having a crap day it can improve my mood, it can de-stress me when I’m worked-up about something, it can enthuse and invigorate but can just as easily relax and calm.

I also tend to associate songs/albums/artists with particular events. Here are some examples…

In highschool I was dating a girl and didn’t honour the relationship as I should have causing her to break-up with me (all my own fault and there was no excuse for my actions)… that night I was heading to a ‘Presidents of the United States of America’ concert with some friends and discovered that I had left my wallet (with the tickets) at my ex-girlfriends place. It was a very awkward situation retrieving the wallet and tickets and now if I ever hear any music by POTUSA it reminds me of that incident.

Anything by East 17 triggers Mel’s unhealthy fetish with that band and any time I hear ‘2 Unlimited’ it takes me back to one of her other fetishes – Rock Eisteddfod.

Another example is when I used to work with Kristy on night shifts and weekends at an ISP. It was usually pretty quiet so when there were no calls we’d turn-up the music and sing loudly (and quite poorly) to songs like – Starlight by Superman Lovers, The Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust, Spillers Groovejet (if this ain’t love), Basement Jaxx’ Where’s Your Head At… etc. etc. Although none of these songs are particularly romantic, nor would I consider them to be ‘our songs’ but if any of them come on the radio, I always think of Kristy.

Last example – when Con and I travelled around Switzerland and Italy a few years ago, the soundtrack for the trip was Faithless’ Outrospective/Reperspective with a little bit of Groove Armada’s Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) on the side. Now whenever I listen to those albums it takes me back to things like – getting lost in Singapore or being taken for a dodgy ride by a bloody took-took driver… seeing snow for the first time (and snowboarding worse than a bunch of 5 year olds)… drinking grappa… missing the last bus back to Locarno and having to walk a frickin’ long way in the rain… climbing what could be best described as a mountain to check-out what we thought was an abandoned castle only to discover we were trespassing on what was probably a very wealthy estate.

ahh all good times.

Anyways, I didn’t start this post with the intention of reminiscing… but that’s what happened… so I’ll write another post later when I have some more time on the topic I was originally going to write about.

Feel free to share some of your musical memories in the comments below…


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  2. faithless – crazy English summer – that same Switz/Italy trip : I was listening to it on my CD player (hay mp3/ipods weren’t invented back then so back off) going across the boarder to Italy with a sunset over grape fields that was straight out of a van Gogh painting!

    Pantera – This Love: cruising around quite inebriated with Pete, Jay and Mick in Mick’s Kingswood – fog so thick you couldn’t see 1m in front of the car and Mick decides to turn the headlights off – turns the music up to full volume and attempt to continue driving through the back roads of Riverview – should have been rather scared for my life except that I was too drunk to see anything but the funny side of the situation.

    Its raining men – weather girls: I swear I thought that the words were “its raining there!” so here I am in the down under bar singing along to one of the campest songs on the bar for going on a good 2 years – a few years later I find out the real words and wonder why a bunch of blokes were looking at me like that.

    Anything by the Beatles and a few other Swedish songs that I won’t even try to spell: working in Goteborg, Sweden in a bar – the girls I worked with loved the Beatles so played it every night.

    Finally – Land from Down under – men at work: any country I have been in you will find me in an Aussie bar very drunk singing this one at the top of my lungs on the highest place available to me – chair, table, bar – every time I hear it I would say that it reminds me of something specific but chances are that if I am hearing it I am drunk and on a bar at the time.

  3. I had forgotten about that… 🙂 I still love ‘Dune Buggy’ tho. Fab song with some of the best lyrics of all time *heh*

    Ben Fold’s Five ‘Underground’ – Driving out to Booval in the good old Renault, playing the piano line on the steering wheel travelling down Ipswich Road at 110km/hr!

    The whole Pulp Fiction soundtrack for all those times way back when. I still have it on tape! 🙂

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