Will it blend?


A few days ago I came across the site Will It Blend? and it’s basically a website promoting a particular type of kitchen blender.

Doesn’t sound particularly interesting hey? Well you should check out the site!

To demonstrate how powerful their blenders are, they blend practically anything they can get their hands on. They blend an iPhone, 6 Bic Lighters, a can of Spam (can and all), Glowsticks, a video camera, magnets, a baseball and even Chuck Norris!

The only reason I’m never going to buy one of these blenders is because I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from blending stuff that shouldn’t be blendered. Incidentally, that’s the same reason we don’t own a deep fryer as well.


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  1. haha so funny Kristy was just saying the same thing the other day about the deep fryer… 🙂

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